Thursday, March 9, 2017

Why You Need a Great Professional Headshot!

Bruno Kongawoin is a famous headshot photographer from Australia. Bruno recently wrote a great blog post on why your headshot matters.

Enjoy watching and listening to the video to see his findings.


We live in a digital world where millions of images are being viewed, uploaded, downloaded or used in many more ways than we can imagine.

Those images can have a very captivating and have strong impact specially when they extend beyond what we know as a normal headshot. We offer a wide range of cinematic headshots such as actor headshots, corporate headshots, environmental shots, lifestyle headshots and sporting shots.

Why you should have a Cinematic Headshot?

There are many things that matter for to consider having a professional headshot. Unlike any headshot photography,our main reason for you is that your cinematic headshot will be different from any other, it will make people have a second look and get you noticed.

Why you should invest in a professional Cinematic Headshot

If first impression matters to you, then Lightbent Images And Photography’s Cinematic Headshot will definitely get you noticed.

Any professional headshot is good to use for your work and social media but our professional cinematic headshot style will most likely get viewers to take a second look and get you noticed.

Most hiring managers and Casting Directors would have made their minds and decision about you when they first looked at your original headshots.

The bottom line is to keep your corporate headshot updated and current if you want to get noticed in corporate America.

from Jennifer Carillo’s WP Blog

from John L. Marsh

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