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Talking Business Cards | Custom Video Business Cards – Best Prices | Kristen Jensen

Talking Business Cards | Custom Video Business Cards – Best Prices | Kristen Jensen
Need new, cutting-edge talking video business cards to get your name out there? Awesome business cards add a great deal to your professional image. Want to make a cool first impression when meeting other business professionals and corporate executives? Why not distribute awesome business cards while you have the chance?

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Virtual business cards are the wave of the future and
Kristen Jensen Productions, LLC will create a custom and personalized talking business card that will bring your old and outdated ordinary business card to life like no other!

Kristen’s reasonably priced talking business cards are top notch in quality and design. She takes the time to carefully build a story and theme your talking business card to match your character and business model. You will reach new audiences and prospects that you thought were never possible.

Business associates and customers will be blown away when they view your new talking business card on their iPhone, Android, Smart Watch, iPad and iPod Touch. In today’s fast-paced world and lightning fast deliveries with Amazon Prime the purchase of business cards online becomes rudimentary.

The Live Portrait app by Digital Yearbook Page Inc. is one application that can be used to bring your old business card into the 21st century’s high-tech arena. Live Portrait is simply a creative enhancement to the industry that is sure to grow your business opportunities.

The cost of talking business cards by is very reasonable and affordable considering the high quality video they will eventually display on your cell phone or other smart device.

What is a talking business card also know as a TBC?

A talking business card is a high-tech, state of the art 2-dimensional business card solution for business executives and legal professionals who want their message broadcast in digital video while creating a rock-solid introduction. Now your old elevator speech or pitch can be seen and heard all over the world, 24 hours a day seven days a week on auto-pilot.

It’s like having a mini-marketing assistant who never sleeps. A talking business card is a combination of still digital images, B-roll footage and video which introduces yourself in a short audio-video introduction.

Your true personality will shine through and prospective clients and customers alike will already “know who you are” prior to the actual in-person meeting. This is only one advantage of marketing yourself via cutting edge digital video combined with old style business card stock.

As soon as your TBC order is completed, embedding in your email or on your blog, corporate website, is simple. The possibilities to market your new video business cards are endless. Creative business cards allow you to share your persona on all your social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Diigo, Delicious and LinkedIn is a breeze!

Another great idea is to email your existing contact list with your new TBC hyperlink.

Once the TBC has played, the viewer will have the option of adding you as a contact or calling you, (if they are viewing it on their phone), or sending you an email, visiting your website or replaying your TBC all with the click of a button!

Keep your video business card short and sweet. You are NOT looking to provide too much information and lose people like a boring commercial would. This platform should be a very short and succinct presentation, targeting a prospective customer with whom you want to become acquainted with BEFORE actually meeting in person.

Learn more about Ms. Jensen’s eCard business cards that come “alive” here:

Connect and build instant rapport like never before with your own customized talking business card created by Kristen Jensen Productions. Having unique business cards in your marketing repertoire is no longer a luxury but a definite necessity. Individuals in the service industries, finance, medicine, legal or real estate will almost have an unfair advantage now residing in their arsenal of marketing tools.

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Order your set of video business cards online from Kristen Jensen Photography, LLC TODAY!

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