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CT Wedding DJ – Wedding DJs in CT – Reviews & Affordable Prices

CT Wedding DJ – Wedding DJs in CT – Reviews & Affordable Prices
Wedding DJ CT is now making the best preparations for the 2016 wedding entertainment CT season and are taking advanced reservations so book your ceremony, Jack and Jill, pre-wedding Karaoke party or wedding reception today before all our spots are filled!

A CT wedding disc jockey is a person or professional who introduces and plays recorded popular music, especially on radio, at a disco or related wedding event. Key skills include matching the beats of two records, cueing up the next song to the desired start point with headphones and using their knowledge of music genres and artists to select songs that will keep the audience dancing.

Our wedding DJ prices CT are some of the most competitive in the state of Connecticut. We offer free consultations. When requested by the bride and groom, we also make available wedding DJs in Stamford CT, Darien, Greenwich, and Westport areas of Fairfield County CT.

Although the average cost of a wedding DJ in CT can be quite expensive, our pricing and rates although not cheap, are very inexpensive for the quality and professionalism our disc jockeys bring to your event.

As stated above, the average wedding DJ cost CT is between $779.00 and $1,298.00 dollars.

Our Connecticut wedding DJs have experience and keep the dance floor alive, rocking and fun! We accept all music requests and will make it happen if we can.

Prior to your party, your CT wedding DJs will foster constant and professional communication with your wedding event planner, wedding venue and all related event vendor services, and coordinator of everything to make your special wedding day even more special and stress-free.

Other disc jockeys in CT play their own music sets. Our promise to you and your guests will be to play only the music you have requested beforehand so your wedding and reception will be a very memorable one for years to come.

Music is our life and our business. The successful outcome of your wedding reception is also our business! Our olde disc jockeys are always on time and accommodating to your wedding party’s every need or request.

Want oldies from the 1950’s such as Elvis Presley? We can do that. Like the 60’s and the Beatles or Rolling Stones? What about 70’s disco and Sister Sledge or Earth Wind and Fire? Not a problem. 80’s classic rock and roll, not an issue. Whatever the music genre or music era, we’ve got you covered. We’ll play Reggae, Rap, Hard Rock and implement seamless beatmatching. We also have regular requests for Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, Selena Gomez, Chris Brown, Adele, Beyonce’, Bruno Mars, Shakira and many other pop stars.

A DJ for wedding reception CT has a tough job and needs to be organized and consistently punctual. This is perhaps the biggest and most important day of your lives and we want you to come away with happy and fun memories. Our wedding music CT service has back-up DJs on call should the unthinkable ever happen.You and your bride are insured no matter how you look at it! Our reputation is based on years of experience with dedicated planning and scheduling and truly feel, as the best wedding DJ in CT, believe we have our event coordination and logistics down to a science.

As you can see we cover all the bases when it comes to pulling off a successful wedding reception at your venue or location whether it’s hosted in New Haven County, Hartford County, New London or Litchfield County in the Nutmeg State. A top wedding DJ in CT knows how to bring the house down and rock the pants off of everyone at the reception or Jack and Jill party.

Of course we belong to the American Disc Jockey Association so you know we’re up to date on the latest music trends, and professional lighting effects. Check out our CT wedding DJ playlist on YouTube.

If your reception or wedding venue is located in New London County you may locate our website by searching for wedding DJ Eastern CT or if your location is wedding DJ Fairfield County you would most likely find us on the Internet or YouTube by Googling wedding DJ Southern CT or wedding DJ Danbury CT area.

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